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Learn how Jiu Jitsu can change your life


Jinho Martial Arts Academy is now enrolling new students for a FREE week of trial classes for all ages (7 yrs. +) and skill levels.

No obligations, entire families are welcome!

Are you ready to begin your journey to become the best version of yourself possible? 

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What if?...

I'm new to martial arts?

We all have to start somewhere, right? No matter your skill level, Jinho has the ability to cater to your specific needs and provide lessons that benefit everyone, from beginners to the most advanced students.

I'm too old for jiu jitsu?

You're never too old to learn something new. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art designed to give the smaller/weaker practitioner the upper hand against opponents who would typically out match them. Jiu Jitsu can benefit ANYONE of any age.

I'm too out of shape?

We understand that everyone is at a different stage in their journey to better themselves. Many people start their Jiu Jitsu journey not being in the physical condition they want to be.

The good news: Jiu Jitsu is one of the best ways to train your body and mind. You get the benefits of movement, cardio, strength, mental fortitude, resilience, and humbleness

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About the instructor

Jinho is an accomplished martial artist who holds five different black belts, with a myriad of awards to go with them. As an ex-member of the Korean special forces, a full-time father, and a dedicated coach/practitioner, Jinho has the practical life experience to help anyone on their martial arts journey.

Just a few of his accomplishments:

  • Korean Citizenship Award recipient for apprehending criminals

  • Martial Arts Instructor in the US since 2004

  • Black Belt, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • 5th Dan Black, Taekwondo

  • 4th Degree Black Belt, HapKiDo

  • 2nd Degree Black Belt, Judo

  • 1st Degree Black Belt , Kendo

  • Graduated Taekyung University majoring in Secret Service; University Exhibition Team Member

  • Winner of multiple titles at IBJJF, NAGA, US Grappling tournaments

Jinho is a great teacher and explains everything in a way everyone can understand no matter their experience. He works with everyone based on their skill set. highly recommend attending! I felt at home after my first class, everyone is welcoming and friendly.

Taylor Clark

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